At RDB Geneva, we are dedicated to simplifying the lease transition process for tenants in Geneva. With a base of qualified and solvent clients, our tailored service facilitates your lease takeover, freeing you from administrative constraints. Our unique expertise in the field and our commitment to providing free assistance from start to finish make us the preferred choice for a hassle-free lease transition.

Discover How Our Service Works

Learn how RDB Geneva facilitates your lease transition. Our five-step process ensures an effortless takeover, in accordance with Geneva’s legal requirements, entirely free for outgoing tenants.

After contacting us, we begin by understanding your specific needs and the requirements of your current lease. This step allows us to tailor our service to your unique situation.

We mobilize our network of solvent potential tenants to find the most suitable candidates for your apartment. Our rigorous selection process ensures compliance with the solvency criteria required by property management companies and landlords in Geneva.

We take care of organizing vitis, coordinating with candidates and you according to your availability, for a hassle-free experience.

  1. In accordance with Geneva’s rental laws, we prepare and present three files of solvent candidates to your property management company or landlord, facilitating the termination of your lease.

Our support does not end once the candidates are presented. We accompany you until the conclusion of the lease takeover, ensuring a smooth transition for all parties involved.


Laure H.

«Je ne peux que recommander ! Grâce à leur service, j’ai rapidement identifié des candidats solvables pour reprendre mon bail. Leur approche professionnelle et leur rapidité ont fait toute la différence. Un grand merci et tout de bon. »

Marie G.

« Je suis ravi de l’efficacité de toutes l’équipes ! Grâce à leur service, j’ai trouvé des personnes solvables prêtes à reprendre mon bail rapidement. Merci pour cette expérience positive! »

Louis M.

« Un grand merci à vous pour avoir facilité ma recherche de repreneurs solvables. En peu de temps, j’ai trouvé des candidats sérieux, et leur accompagnement tout au long du processus a été exemplaire. Une équipes fiable et efficace que je recommande vivement !»



Eager to simplify your lease takeover? Contact us today to take advantage of our specialized and free lease takeover service. Let us facilitate a smoother transition for you.

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